Welcome to Bohemian Soapery

Bohemian Soapery Handcrafted Soap & Skin Care is my dream come true, a small business created in the pursuit of safe and natural products for you and your family. Natural ingredients, homemade products, small batches and a dream from my heart to your skin. Made with simple ingredients.

About me

My name is Paola Diaz, I've always been a big dreamer, mother of two, wife and crazy about natural lifestyle. My family is my life, and everything I do is just for them. Always looking for something else, I found this wonderful world of essential oils and soap making and fell in love immediately!

I use quality and natural ingredients. I use essential oils in some batches and they're have a lighter aroma, even when I'm using natural fragrance oils the scent is light and subtle. 

Safety and warning

Please note that all soap can sting, even the handmade soap like mine if it gets on sensible areas, please avoid contact with eyes.

If some discomfort occurs please stop use and ask to your doctor.

Remember to let it dry between uses to help it last longer.


Why handmade soap?

The chemical reaction between vegetable or animal fats, water and alkali, give as a result SOAP. in this soap you have natural glycerin, is a natural byproduct of this process, is the humectant that attracts and retains moisture on your skin. All the commercial soaps are made in large scale and in big factories where glycerin is often removed and changed with detergents ad surfactants that can irritate your skin. Handmade soap has all the natural benefits.

What are your ingredients?

I have a base for all my soaps, this means, all my soaps have this lovely ingredients: coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil (if you have any kind of allergies to any of my ingredients, you can contact me and we can work on a custom order) but not just that, all my soaps has a variety of other moisturizing, skin loving and great oils, butters and even lard (make a nice, gentle and mild soap properties). I only use skin safe colorants as a natural colorants, natural fragrance oils and essential oils. My handcrafted soap is made in small batches.

Delivery time?

I will ship your order between 3-5 business day

Return policy?

Due to nature of handmade products, I don't accept returns or exchanges. But if you have any problem with your order contact me to bohemian@bohemiansoapery.com and we can work on it.

Do you offer discounts?

I offer regularly discounts via social media.

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